Episode 135

The Making of Dear Alana w/ Simon K. Fung S10 E10


September 21st, 2023

1 hr 12 mins 19 secs

Season 10

Your Host

About this Episode

This episode feels important. I recently listened to Dear Alana, the number 1 show on Apple Podcasts, and was gripped by how intimately listeners were let in to the turmoil experienced by many Christians who are gay through the life and death of Alana Chen.

Simon K. Fung, creator of Dear Alana, shared Alana’s life with careful detail and reverent dignity. Simon has a deep love for the Church which is exactly why he has created this clarion call in Dear Alana for Her to do better by the lonely, hurting, and ostracized. Dear Alana is a story told with crushing beauty and Simon’s soulful work, where he shares so much of his own journey, cannot just be good entertainment — it must be a conversation starter.

Listen to Dear Alana here: https://dearalana.com

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